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  • Presentación Contreras, Carlos; 7

  • Articles
  • Employment decisions: The case of Peruvian rural youth Boyd, Chris; 9-40
  • The transition from school to work: Analysis of the supply of and demand for labour among youth without higher education in urban areas Lavado, Pablo; Martínez, Joan; 41-94
  • Youth who neither work nor study: The Peruvian case Málaga, Ramiro; Oré, Tilsa; Tavera, José; 95-132
  • Effects of multinational companies’ Corporate Social Responbility (CSE) commitments of the Peruvian labor market: the experience of Topy Top Sanguineti Raymond, Wilfredo; García Landaburu, María Katia; Vivas Ponce, Milagros; 133-161
  • Economy and enterprise in Arequipa at the start of the Republic, 1825-1850 Condori, Víctor; 163-212
  • The environmental rules of economic development: Governing air pollution from smelters in Chuquicamata and La Oroya Orihuela, José Carlos; 213-246

  • Notes and Debates
  • In memoriam Alfonso Quiroz Norris (1957-2013) ¿Era viable el Contrato Dreyfus? Noejovich Chernoff, Héctor Omar; 249-270
  • La historia económica institucionalista en debate: alrededor del libro The Mexican Economy, 1870-1930: Essays on the Economic History of Institutions, Revolution, and Growth, editado por Jeffrey L. Bortz y Stephen Haber Deustua, José R; 271-273

  • Reviews
  • Drinot, Paulo y Alan Knight (eds.). The Great Depression in Latin America. Durham y Londres: Duke University Press, 2014. 362 pp. Gruber Narváez, Stephan; 277-279
  • Fukuyama, Francis. Political Order and Political Decay. From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy. Nueva York: Farrar, Strauss y Giroux, 2014, 658 pp. Daniel Luna, Erich; 280-282
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