Recent Submissions

  • Can Capital-Skill Complementarity Explain the Rising Skill Premium in Developing Countries? Evidence from Peru in the 1990s 

    Mazumdar (†), Joy; Quispe-Agnoli, Myriam (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2019-09-16)
    The unsettled discussion continues about the factors behind the increase in the relative wages of skilled workers in developing countries. Using data from Peru for the years 1994 to 2000, we analyze the determinants of ...
  • Gender Differences in Cognitive Abilities Among the Elderly Poor of Peru 

    Novella, Rafael; Olivera, Javier (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2019-09-16)
    We study gender differences on cognitive functioning among older adults living in poverty. The data come from the Survey of Health and Wellbeing of the Elderly (ESBAM) which is the baseline survey to evaluate the Peru’s ...
  • Threshold Stochastic Volatility Models with Heavy Tails: A Bayesian Approach 

    Abanto-Valle, Carlos A.; Garrafa-Aragón, Hernán B. (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2019-09-16)
    This paper extends the threshold stochastic volatility (THSV) model specification proposed in So et al. (2002) and Chen et al. (2008) by incorporating thick-tails in the mean equation innovation using the scale mixture of ...
  • Breaks, Trends and the Attribution of Climate Change: A Time-Series Analysis 

    Estrada, Francisco; Perron, Pierre (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2019-09-16)
    Climate change detection and attribution have been the subject of intense research and debate over at least four decades. However, direct attribution of climate change to anthropogenic activities using observed climate and ...
  • Do Market Prices Reflect Real Scarcity? Theories and Facts 

    Figueroa, Adolfo (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2019-09-16)
    Do market relative prices reflect real scarcity of resources? If this were so, market prices would provide society with the correct signals about real scarcities. Economics—the science of scarcity— has different answers ...
  • Presentation 

    Rodriguez, Gabriel (Pontificia Universidad Católica del PerúPE, 2019-09-16)