El Project on the Engraved Sources of Spanish Colonial Art (PESSCA) busca documentar el efecto de los grabados europeos en el arte colonial hispanoamericano. Para lograr su propósito, PESSCA ofrece el emparejamiento de obras de arte colonial, junto con las obras originales europeas que sirvieron de modelos. Se ofrecen más de 2000 emparejamientos.

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  • Gallery 12: The Celestial Dome of El Sagrario de Quito 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014)
    Unaided by optical instrumentation and guided solely by common sense, early watchers of the heavens concluded that the Earth stood at the center of a spherical universe, and that the Sun, the Moon, and the planets rotated ...
  • Archivo de Pessca 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-04-07)
  • The Print in the Painting 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-20)
    Podemos ver que las impresiones se incrustaron a las paredes de interiores domésticos o monásticos, sirviendo como ayudas a la piedad privada y como testigos de ella. https://artecolonial.pucp.edu.pe/essays/the-print- ...
  • The Spanish Empire Through Time (Maps) 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-20)
    El imperio español a través del tiempo http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d8/Spanish_Empire_Anachronous_en.svg
  • What is a Correspondence? 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-20)
    Diremos que dos obras de arte forman una correspondencia si una de ellas es la base, el modelo o el prototipo de la otra. La mayoría de las correspondencias en este proyecto consistirán en un grabado europeo y una pieza ...
  • El Grabado Como Fuente del Arte Colonial: Estado de la Cuestión 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-20)
  • The Organization of the PESSCA Archive 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-20)
    El Archivo PESSCA es una colección de imágenes digitales de obras de arte coloniales españolas y el arte gráfico que las inspiró. http://colonialart.pucp.edu.pe/essays/the-organization-of-the-pessca-archive/index.html
  • Gallery 11: The Remarkable Apostles of Göz - Klauber - Rodríguez 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    It was late in the 18th century that Bernardo Rodríguez painted a remarkable series of Apostles in Quito, Ecuador. In all certainty, this series was based on a set of engravings done in the workshop led by Johann Baptist ...
  • Gallery 10: Las Sibilas del Palacio de Minería 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    Mexico City's elegant Palacio de Minería houses a remarkable series of portraits of the Twelve Sibyls of Antiquity. These portraits were painted by don Pedro Sandoval in the second half of the 18th century. Prophets of ...
  • Gallery 9: The Blessed Anchorites of Puebla 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    Maarten de Vos (1532-1603) was a prodigious Flemish draftsman whose alluring Mannerist designs were engraved by the hundreds in Northern Europe. Once engraved, these drawings traveled throughout the Spanish empire, serving ...
  • Gallery 8: The Blessed Anchorites of Cuzco 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    An anchorite or eremite is an individual who chooses to withdraw from society in order to lead a life focused on prayer, penance, and religious study. In the West, anchoritic life was common during the Early and High Middle ...
  • Gallery 7: The Life of Saint Rose of Lima (The Ocopa Series) 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    Huamanga stone is an opaque, ivory-colored stone that abounds in the area of Huamanga, Peru. Known also as Peruvian alabaster, it was carved since pre-Columbian times, as it is said to be so soft that it can be cut, when ...
  • Gallery 6: The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila (Santiago Series) 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    Adriaen Collaert (c.1560-1618) and Cornelis I Galle (1576-1650) designed a series of twenty four engravings on the life of Saint Teresa de Avila (see Gallery 5). This series served as the basis for two series of paintings ...
  • Gallery 5: The Life of Saint Teresa of Avila (Cuzco Series) 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    Adriaen Collaert (c.1560-1618) and Cornelis Galle I (1576-1650) designed a series of twenty four engravings on the life of Saint Teresa de Avila. This series, plus the title plate above, was published in Antwerp in 1613, ...
  • Gallery 4: The Zodiac Series 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    In 1585, one of the members of the Sadeler family of printers and engravers published a set of twelve engravings by Adriaen Collaert after designs by Hans Bol. These engravings were introduced by a title page which described ...
  • Gallery 3: Bolswert in Lima: The Series on the Life of Saint Augustine by Basilio Pacheco 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    Schelte à Bolswert and Cornelis Galle produced a series of engravings on the Life of Saint Augustine which served as models for a set of paintings by Miguel de Santiago (see Gallery 2). But they also served as the basis ...
  • Gallery 2: Bolswert in Quito: The Series on the Life of Saint Augustine by Miguel de Santiago 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-19)
    A series of twenty eight engravings on the Life of Saint Augustine appeared in Antwerp in 1624. The engravings were bound in a volume entitled Iconographia magni patris Aurelii Augustini. The work was commissioned by Georges ...
  • Gallery 1: The Evangelicae Historiae Imagines 

    Ojeda, Almerindo E. (PE, 2014-02-10)
    It was Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order, that approached Father Jerome Nadal (1507-1580) and asked him to design a book that presented episodes of the Gospels with pictures, explanatory texts, and ...