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    • Enacting the IS Strategy: Transforming a Strategic Actor Vision into Praxis 

      Bohórquez López, Victor Wilfredo; Esteves, José (CENTRUM Publishing, 2012)
      In the education sector, online knowledge sharing and online social learning are fundamental in the new education landscape. But some years ago, in some prestigious education institutions, talking about online education ...
    • Evolución de los sistemas de gestión de contenidos 

      Bohórquez López, Victor Wilfredo (CENTRUM Publishing, 2015)
      Este artículo presenta la evolución de los sistemas de gestión de contenidos desde sus inicios cuando se centraban en gestionar la información departamental hasta abarcar toda la organización. A continuación se presenta ...
    • Student-based brand equity in the business schools sector: An exploratory study 

      Vincent, Charles; Iona Gherman, Tatiana (CENTRUM Publishing, 2015)
      Faced with increased competition, business schools seem to have realized that having the strongest brands, hence, a distinct image, is vital to strengthen their presence in the education marketplace. It is in this context ...